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I really was upset with the map being compressed while playing ultrawide 3 displays.

The only way to get rid of this bug was to set the game windowed borderless. It's still not perfect as the map is spaned all across my 3 displays but better with actual behavior.

But while doing this, the HUD (minimap, Texts, ammo) were left and right sided.

Player can still modify the HUD location but it would still be bounded to 90% of the viewport.

So i wrote this cheat table to overwrite the bounded locations.

This script is not perfect.

First, you have to set in your game settings the horizontal area in game to 90% and vertical one to 100%.

Then, edit the script and modify the following code :


  mov [r9],(float)0.328

Change the value after (float) to whatever you like between 0 and 0.95 (0 should give weird behaviors).

While in game, activate the script and then go to settings as if you were to change your horizontal HUD position in game.

You'll probably see non correct values but don't worry about that. Apply changes and go back in game.

Your HUD should be centered correctly now.


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Thank you Rose.

I found an easier and more reliable way to do this trick.

You have to go to your "\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings" folder.

There, you'll see several files with .bin extension.

One of these files contains the horizontal HUD location.

Mine was named "400042567_19054853.bin". I don't know if the name may vary from computer to another.

All of these files are in fact xml files and easy to edit with any notepad.

I found the following key to contain the horizontal HUD location.

<Item key="7014661855" type="rage__fwuiValueFloat">
   <value value="0.328000" />

All you have to do is to modify the value to whatever you desire then set this file to be read only.

Last step is important because it prevents the game from modifying this value.

Once this value is modified never go back in game to the HUD location setting or it may reset the value in memory and it will revert the HUD location.

This works really well for me.


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The file trick or my cheat table is obviously irrelevant if you set your game to be true fullscreen as the game set the HUD location natively correctly.

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Awesome ... thank you for this fix!
A real quality of life improvement!
Works great on 32:9.

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