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Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and BioShock 2 to switch to Steamworks

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This is kind of really great news as I hate the saving system for GfWL titles and it was honestly putting me off playing the excellent Batman games.


I recently completed BioShock 2 which I played right after BioShock Infinite. However, I had trouble getting GfWL working so I disabled the GfWL requirement and played it fully offline. I was disappointed that because of this, I wouldn't be able to try out the Minerva's Den expansion which I've heard is excellent - maybe I'll finally get the chance to do it now it's coming to Steamworks.

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It's im the NeoGAF article at the top as the external link at the top of this article.


I believe it's still only speculation. A pity really, now with Steamworks it requires an internet connection to install and play the game...

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