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  1. I just want to say that I completely agree with the OP. I wouldn't necessarily pick on perspectives, modes and controls (even though that's information that's usually alread covered in each page), but info like genre, art styles, themes and ratings are pretty useless. Most people come here to learn how to fix a problem they have with a game they already own. All of this is noise that makes what was meant to be simple only more convoluted. Same for the hundreds of wiki entries dumped at the top of each page. It's not technical info. It's usually story or lore info, something outside the sc
  2. Which is...? And what's the standard for DRM restrictiveness? Everyone has a different one.
  3. I disagree. I think it's misleading to say that a game is DRM-free when you have to install a third party software and login with it in order to download and install a game. But DRM is not the game, it never was. It's what comes with it. I see both cases as DRM.
  4. So the plan would be to say that 'game X' is DRM-free, except you have to install and login with Steam if you buy from there? Seems to be a bit contradictory and redundant... When someone checks the availability table and sees DRM-free, he or she is not expecting to have to download and install anything other than the game itself. People who are interested in DRM, like myself and many others, give some importance to what you have to install when you buy from a certain place. If the Steam client was not mandatory, we wouldn't be having this conversation. The Steam client is DRM. Steamworks
  5. Requiring the installation of a software to download a game is DRM (that's why GOG, the Humble Store, etc... don't enforce one). DRM doesn't have to be tied to the files themselves, although that's the most common (and worst) case.
  6. Registry files are only created after installing the game on a certain machine. Why not get a direct link to download those files? You know, getting the game without any third party client being necessary (also valid as DRM)? You're required to install a client to get them.
  7. You are not understanding my argument. The difference is the client itself being a requirement, the lack of clean files (i.e: no steam registry or api files) and the latter being a workaround and not an official way to access them.
  8. I'm saying that the requirement of using their client to download/install the game you rented bought is DRM since it's a form of control over the use of the software you paid for. The fact that they don't offer a simple and clean way to actually download a DRM-free installer/files is proof that they are not ignorant or innocent about this issue.
  9. Same thing here. It's not like Steam informs or gives you a choice for an actual DRM-free download not dependable on its client and/or servers for the games some declare to be DRM-free there. It is DRM. Blaming it on the devs, Valve or both doesn't change that fact.
  10. You don't make something 'appear DRM-like'. Either it is or it isn't. And in this case, it is. If it's the choice of the developer or Valve (who created the service and respective tools) is completely irrelevant.
  11. Is the GOG icon for GOG keys still available?
  12. The site is not exclusive to the UK. I buy games there. Amazon US is not really an option for europeans due to shipping costs. Of course, Amazon has 12 localized sites so it would make sense to have the ability to link them when applicable but if that's not an option, Amazon UK is the most well known and used of the european stores so it would be better to have as an option on the table.
  13. I agree. It's useful for european users to get games only available on retail.
  14. Whenever you convert a PNG to JPG, you are compressing the file. It may seem the same, but it's definitely not the same. You save space because JPG is a lossy format, but it will always lose quality (the amount of loss is variable, of course). If you're using Fraps, it's better to set PNG as the default format for screenshots. As for game covers, if the JPG is 282px wide, there won't be any improvement over a PNG since there won't be any compression whatsoever. But if it's bigger than 282px, you will notice a difference in the thumbnails.
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