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  1. I didn't notice the game not saving my progress but then I didn't play it for very long to test that particular problem. I found (somehow) that the game was saving to Program Files (x86) even though it wasn't running with Administrator privileges. I'm not entirely sure how this is possible! One reason why it might appear to not be saving may be because there are two files; the other being in VirtualStore and so the game sometimes uses one and then the other? It seems a good game but I'm just not into the minutia of sport to be interested to play it more, sorry!
  2. The first part of this guide should be credited to Pirault at the now defunct ISOZone forums- https://web.archive.org/web/20180821022429/http://theisozone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=73532 The reason the installer fails is because the Tag├Ęs copy protection driver is incompatible with Windows 7 and above so the solution given does circumvent this problem. The other advice is not necessary however and there's other things to take into consideration too: In Windows 10 the installer won't run at all because the DirectX setup file cannot run unless the installer is run in compa
  3. This is very cool news. Just as HDD space became not a premium any more, faster access technology came along putting us right back to where the space to cost ratio used to be so this tool is invaluable... until the next tech era I guess! A GUI would be fantastic. It could scan for games on your drives automatically, give options for each profile e.g. yes I still want the other language but no I don't want the redundant multiplayer etc. but as it is it still seems a great project. I hope a lot of people find it and will be recommending it when I see people complaining about this very problem.
  4. A very worthy cause but yes, very difficult to implement because of such diverse "barriers to entry". Even websites for disabled gamers don't have a searchable database for each and every disability. This one has very comprehensive reviews for quite a few games though- https://caniplaythat.com/category/accessibility-reviews/ Sadly (shamefully?) this is actually mostly a modern phenomena. I can't think of many games older than 10 years that had any accessibility features whatsoever. I may be wrong but I doubt they were as comprehensive as they are today. And even then, as you can see from
  5. At a guess, changing the "CPU affinity" so that the game only uses some of your processor cores may fix your problem? I know this is a solution for older games when CPUs only had the single core at least but your game is pretty modern so I don't know for sure. Anyway, to do this read this- http://www.howtogeek.com/121775/how-to-force-windows-applications-to-use-a-specific-cpu/ and to set things up permanently, should that work, so you don't have to change it every time you play follow one of these suggestions- https://www.tenforums.com/performance-maintenance/144736-how-permanently-set-cpu-aff
  6. LOL! Whatever you say, choom. Just Cyberpunk moments | Vinny Highlights (YouTube)
  7. An interesting one, or rather a game that I have a soft spot for even though it's not the best game ever made, is DroneZ or to give it its full title- Dennou Taisen DroneZ. Originally made by Zetha gameZ as a demo product for GeForce 3 graphics cards, it was further developed into an XBox release only for Japan which was then ported back to PC but only for Russian customers! I have the "OEM" version which consists of the first few levels, a benchmarking rolling demo and features the best title / menu screen ever (check the screenshots for an idea why). I was also kindly given the ISO for
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