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  1. you seems to have UE4 in small finger, Could you find ultrawide solution for Steel Rats, its need some fov hack because its vert- on ultrawide 😞
  2. Rose, awesome like always :) Thanks for info. Game itself is vertical and horizontal sidescroller so i could take benefits from seeing gaps, enemies and platforms earlier even if background would only fill center of the screen, i almost finish it and there are levels with so many thing that you barely see backgrounds. It's that problem similar to South park stick of truth, when on world map background just end before the screen, but gameplay and interactive elements are still hor+? That don't bother me much in South Park.
  3. Hi good and brilliant people. Once i have a dream, in that dream i play that fantastic game in full ultrawide glory without black bars, but then i wake up and in reality there is no way to force game to do that, may be one of users of that forum can do something about it? I maselfe make some aford, but my small possibilities not brought any effects. Since its Unity i try to start game with parameter -screen-width 2560 -screen-height 1080 (work for me in Flipping Death) no luck here 😞 Then i try hex edit exe by changing 39 8E E3 3F to 60 E5 18 40/26 B4 17 40 (work for me in Mages of Mystralia), no luck again. And at the end i try to start game in window and use borderless gaming to make it fullscreen (work for me in Guns, Gore & Cannoli) still no luck. Maybe someone from you can make some advance real time hack in Flawless Widescreen to force game to work in 21:9?
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