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  1. How force 21:9 resolution, wsgf says only: "For wider resolutions that aren't loaded in the selection list, change the resolution in the registry editor. The keys are the following: ScreenWidth ScreenHeight" Where is that?
  2. I briefly check it, and situation from video is now fully hor+, now game seems to be playable at ultrawide, big thanks for not abandoning that fix. I guess there is no way to eliminate extra program and make permanent change in game? Playing like that with constant going back to keyboard for make fix every time in want play from a couch is pain in the ass. Especially compared to other game i play ultrawide where i only make one hex change i forget about it.
  3. Video shows it best. With fix, pinball section strat zooming in, out of the sudden. But without it, camera just shift position.
  4. Like 75% of game from beginning is vert-. Exploration is fine, but exactly at moment when you enter pinball area, game going to be vert-. Exploration before entering flipper area, hor+: And when i try start flipper area, vert-, lost visual information about gameplay. Its core of a game so its kind of unplayable in that state. : Also is there is a way to do it as one thing hex editor some permanent change, have to going to start some program before playing, and make some alt+tab extra stuff make it really anti-couch game. If there was a way to just make one permanent cha
  5. I play another hour and, this not working well. Pinball moments are like 3/4 of game, switching not working, since ultrawide is vert-, it's fully playable only at 16:9.
  6. Unfortunately pinball moments are Vert- and since they are core of gemplay and require fast reaction as soon as possible, getting delayed visual information compare to 16:9 mostly cripall the experience. Exploration and map are correctly Hor+. Is there an option to keep pinball moments pillarboxed to keep gameplay intacted? At the moment i have to switch resolution from desktop to 1080p to get lost image back in that moments. As you can image it is not optimal for fluid experience :(
  7. Its remind me Dead space unpscable fronts in higher resolution. Do you think that you could fix DS with same method?
  8. Nawet same informacje co i gdzie skopiować były by mega przydatne. Sam kiedyś próbowałem przenieść, ale bez napisania jakiegoś programu do rozpakowania ich archiwum i zamienienia elementów chyba się nie obejdzie.
  9. W sensie, że to nie abandonware i cdp wciąż zarabia na swojej pracy lokalizacyjnej sprzedając grę cyfrowo w przeciwieństwie do np. riddicka. Więc to chyba piractwo i każdy chętny do zagrania w PL zamiast kraść spolszczenie powinien je normalnie kupić, bo jest taka możliwość.
  10. Dzięki, będziesz dodawał więcej Polski lokalizacji do cyfrowych edycji gier? Marzy mi się spolszczenie do BG&E z uplaya. Było po polsku w pudle, ale cyfrowo już tylko ENG.
  11. you seems to have UE4 in small finger, Could you find ultrawide solution for Steel Rats, its need some fov hack because its vert- on ultrawide 😞
  12. Rose, awesome like always :) Thanks for info. Game itself is vertical and horizontal sidescroller so i could take benefits from seeing gaps, enemies and platforms earlier even if background would only fill center of the screen, i almost finish it and there are levels with so many thing that you barely see backgrounds. It's that problem similar to South park stick of truth, when on world map background just end before the screen, but gameplay and interactive elements are still hor+? That don't bother me much in South Park.
  13. Hi good and brilliant people. Once i have a dream, in that dream i play that fantastic game in full ultrawide glory without black bars, but then i wake up and in reality there is no way to force game to do that, may be one of users of that forum can do something about it? I maselfe make some aford, but my small possibilities not brought any effects. Since its Unity i try to start game with parameter -screen-width 2560 -screen-height 1080 (work for me in Flipping Death) no luck here 😞 Then i try hex edit exe by changing 39 8E E3 3F to 60 E5 18 40/26 B4 17 40 (work for me in Mages of Mystra
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