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Legality of Internet Archive's "The CD Archive"?

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I recently stumbled upon the Internet Archive's collection of software, and noticed their CD Archive, which has both shareware games and full versions of games originally included on cover CDs. However, given some of the full games contained within the collection, such as SimCity 2000, are still sold, I'm wondering about the legality of the full games contained within. Does anyone have any insight?

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Actually, I found the answer to my question in this thread. TL;DR: Technically, the CD Archive is illegal due to it containing commercial software, but they can get away with it since most companies don't find it cost-effective to enforce the rights to their IPs for stuff like this.

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Internet Archive does stole nothing. It simply archives what's already freely available online.

And I'm perfectly sure they'll fully comply with every DCMA claim they could ever receive

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Can we provide links to these ISO downloads? Or do we treat them as abandonware and forgo them entirely?


I would say that's something which deserves its own thread. :)

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