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Anyone need icons/imagery for the Wiki?


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I've got a week off school from tomorrow until March 31, so I figured I'd see if anyone needed graphics for Wiki pages they were working on. 


  • Must be for the wiki, for a project page or similar.
  • I won't make any user avatars because "ain't nobody got time for that".
  • If it's very generic (e.g. the controller icon I made a few weeks back), I'd like permission to upload it to the Wikimedia Commons under a public domain license for anyone to use.
  • Must be a 2D graphic.
  • Please also feel free to request remaking/refining of currently existing graphics if you think they can be improved.


Anyway, other than that I'm pretty much down for anything. If you have any ideas for what the graphic would look like (A controller silhouette for controller support, for example) that would be preferable, but I'm perfectly fine with getting a generic request and getting to do whatever with it.
Some ideas I currently have include icons for the Sample Article (a pencil?), the Local Multiplayer List (couch), and the To-do list (checklist). If anyone has any ideas for the Emulation section's icon I'd love to hear them, that one has me stumped.
For a general idea of our icon set, see this quick gallery I threw together. Some of these were made by hungry_eyes (and one by LDK, I believe), and I've simply changed them to SVG format and/or refined them a bit. By no means am I trying to take credit for their work, just collecting all the icons on a single page for convenience.

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Here's a progress update after some work over the past two days. I've added more graphics to the Icons Gallery, including updated WSGF icons, thumbs up/down icons, and the set of true/false icons for our settings tables. Thanks to hungry_eyes for his help on that.


I'm planning on making a set of icons for the Sample article very soon, which will hopefully begin the process of properly remaking it. Right now its gotten rather bloated and is fairly unfriendly to new users, but that's a discussion for another thread. I'm also still working on icons for projects, but I've hit a bit of a roadblock as I haven't been able to make a "Local Multiplayer" icon I don't hate.


Again, if anyone wants graphics for their projects or has ideas on how to improve current graphics, please speak up!

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Out of curiosity, what program are using to make these? Oh and great job so far!

I'm using Adobe Illustrator with a bit of Photoshop. The vast majority is in Illustrator though.

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