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Generic help page for common problems across games?


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Not really sure if this is the right place to put this, but I've come across a particular problem that affects multiple games, which makes me think that maybe a general help/tips page might be a good idea. If there's already something like this then maybe it needs to be put somewhere a bit more noticeable 'cause I haven't been able to find it :3c


Certain things that might seem obvious to me or you such as restarting your PC or validating files on Steam might not be so obvious to some people, so I think a general help page could be useful for some users/issues.


So anyway, onto the specific problem I mentioned, Gigabyte (A graphics card manufacturer) now give out a program called OC Guru with all their cards that lets you easily overclock them, and it seems to cause problems with a number of games, even if you simply use the default settings without any overclocking. I've had problems with 3 different games so far, but I suspect there could be many more, so again I think a non-game-specific help page could be useful for issues such as this, rather than copying the same advice onto the page for every game it affects (Though doing both might be the best option anyway).


The games I've had it cause problems with so far are:

Alice: Madness Returns (Entire game, including all menus, runs at about 0.5 frames per second, making it unplayable)

Natural Selection 2 (Game simply crashes on startup every time)

DmC: Devil May Cry (Menus selection skips almost immediately to the top/bottom of a list when using a controller, and when in the actual game levels the game runs at about 0.5 fps)


In all 3 cases closing OC Guru made the game work perfectly from then on, and I've had several people reply on other forums saying it fixed the same issue for them as well. I'm not sure what it is about the program that does this, or why it only affects some games, but yeah it seems to be a somewhat generic issue. :3

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I think we should at least have a page about OC Guru, maybe a note on the games.


And while a "general knowledge" page could be good, I still think that every fix for a game should also be located on that game's page.

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