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Clarification on Settings


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This has been addressed in previous posts but I still have a few questions.  

Now for all input and audio settings, they are determined on whether are not they can be changed in the game, not whether they appear?  So something like mouse acceleration would be false if there is mouse acceleration in the game but there is no option to turn it off?

Also I'm extremely confused about what mouse input in menu means, does this have to do with whether these games can be adjusted to NOT use mouse input in a settings menu or does it simple mean that it allows you to use your mouse in menus even if you are using a controller?

Similar question for mute on loss of focus.


Thanks for helping a newb out.

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Unfortunately this is a bit of a grey zone, some settings refer to if it can be changed and some don't but this isn't made clear at all. I intend to address this in the sample article revamp I'm planning, just to make things a bit more clear. Sadly it's still in the planning stage and won't be put in motion for quite some time, so if anyone would want to jump on this task to provide clarification until I get the new sample article done you're more than welcome to as this does need to be addressed.

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