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Tools for designing a gaming blog?


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Hey all! I've been an avid gamer for almost a decade now, and my interest in this industry only seems to grow as the years pass. I'm a big FROM Software fan, and I also have a lot of respect for icons like Hideo Kojima and Warren Spector. Of course, I diligently follow the latest happenings and new releases and can write thousands of words about the latest title I've played without breaking a sweat. Writing is something I enjoy doing and writing about my favorite pastime activity (video games) sounds like a win-win to me.

So, given how I found myself with a lot of free time lately, I thought the hour has struck for me to start my own gaming blog. I have tons of ideas about the type of content I want to construct but have 0 knowledge when it comes to properly optimizing the look of the site. Thus, can anyone here recommend an app that can help me with this? It doesn't have to be totally free, but at least fairly priced :)


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Thanks, I don't have any experience with Wordpress either, but I suppose the platform is optimized for newbies to get around :) I've also been looking for other web toolkits with glowing reviews just so I can personalize it more later on. But for starters, I'll aim to make it an online space where I myself would want to hang out because I'm certain I can feel the average gamer's pulse. Of course, I fully expect to have to make myriad adjustments within the first few months...

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