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GFWL bypasses and whether it's a fix or bypassing (one of the game's) DRM

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Since I have no other means to ask this question, I'm going to ask here.

I am confused whether trivial GFWL's "xlive.dll" bypass are considered a fix or means to bypass online/client features. In this case Section 8 games can use the bypass DLL hosted here to skip the game's GFWL, albeit likely with no multiplayer support. the original Windows version of Gears of War could be bypassed the same way although that requires its rather obnoxious "modified DLL" check to be removed from its executables first.

And it can overlap, some version of GTA IV installed on certain configs may require said bypass to be able to save the game. Some don't specifically need them for the game to be functional like Fable III, but it is also an option for those who don't want to bother with GFWL as the services are long gone.

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What is the purpose of the question itself? Generally speaking bypasses should only be recommended in case of issues, as reinstalling GFWL using our custom package is otherwise enough to get all functionality up and working.

Beyond that, we have a specific exception in the wiki policy that allows XLiveless (or alternatives) to be both mentioned and instructions provided for it, so it is fine to cover that thing as it doesn't go under the general "Bypass copyright protection and fixes" policy.

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