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Hi guys

I think I've just something very stupid... I tried to automatically pull the save path of some save game locations from PCGW... and apparently my various attempts to refine my search query to get a page name for a Steam ID resulted in the search api blocking me and/or cloudfare jumping in.

I'm not complaining; that's exactly what it should do, but ... I wish I could compile this data (specifically save game locations and cloud sync support) without creating a significand load on the servers. It's not about stealing the data and I'd happily put it back on PCGamingWiki or provide the source for an application that can compile this data from an SQL dump containing Wiki text, so that PCGW itself can get a better overview of its stock.

Nothing nefarious, it's really just for setting up a sync function for savegames that don't have cloud sync support 🙂 .

So, newbie question: Is there some way one can either :

  1. Get a hold of a dump for the wiki page markup (as said before, I'd happily run it on my machines and make it post back the result back to a PCGW page immediately)
  2. Provide some data collection routines for deployment by PCGW

Specifically, I'd like to compile a list in this format:

Game title|SteamID|SteamCloudSync|SaveLocation
Shadow Warrior 3|1036890|True|{{p|localappdata}}\SW3\Saved\SaveGames\
In Sound Mind|1119980|True|{{P|userprofile\appdata\locallow}}\We Create Stuff\In Sound Mind\
Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition|1133760|True|{{P|userprofile\Documents}}\My Games\CHRONO CROSS  THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION\Steam\{{p|uid}}\
XIII (2020)|1154790|False|{{p|userprofile}}\AppData\LocalLow\Microids\XIII\XIII_Save.bin
Command & Conquer Remastered Collection|1213210|True|{{p|userprofile\Documents}}\CnCRemastered\Save\
Need for Speed Heat|1222680|False|{{p|userprofile\Documents}}\Need for Speed Heat\SaveGame\savegame
Postal: Brain Damaged|1359980|True|{{p|userprofile}}\AppData\LocalLow\Hyperstrange\POSTAL Brain Damaged
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection|1659420|True|
The House of the Dead: Remake|1694600|True|{{P|userprofile\Documents}}\TheHouseOfTheDead_Remake\
Return to Monkey Island|2060130|True|{{P|appdata}}\Terrible Toybox\Return to Monkey Island\
Magrunner: Dark Pulse|209630|True|{{p|userprofile\Documents}}\My Games\Magrunner\YoshiGame\Magrunner_auto_save.sav\
Chasm: The Rift (2022)|2141610|True|{{P|userprofile\Documents}}\Chasm\saves
Wreckfest|228380|True|{{p|userprofile\Documents}}\My Games\wreckfest\
Serious Sam 4|257420|True|{{P|game}}\UserData\{{P|uid}}\SeriousSam4\
A Story about My Uncle|278360|True|{{p|userprofile\Documents}}\My Games\A Story About My Uncle\ASAMU\Saves\
Mighty No. 9|314710|True|{{p|game}}\MN9Game\SaveData\
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge|32460|True|{{p|game}}\monkey2.bin
Aer: Memories of Old|331870|True|{{p|localappdata}}\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Aer\aersave.fks
TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2|411970|True|{{p|steam}}\userdata\{{p|uid}}\411970\remote\
Aliens: Colonial Marines|49540|True|{{p|steam}}\userdata\{{p|uid}}\49540\
Psychonauts 2|607080|True|{{P|localappdata}}\Psychonauts2\Saved\SaveGames\
Postal 4: No Regerts|707030|True|{{P|localappdata}}\Postal4\Saved\SaveGames\
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy|731490|True|{{p|appdata}}\Crash Bandicoot(TM) N. Sane Trilogy\
Spyro Reignited Trilogy|996580|True|{{P|localappdata}}\Falcon\Saved\SaveGames\


If anybody could point me in the direction how to proceed I'd be very grateful. PCGW really does contain a lot of knowledge you can't find anywhere else.

Best Wishes
Hans Schmucker



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