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Mafia II (2010 edition) - Nvidia Physx broken


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Hi. I discovered a strange bug with Physx in Mafia II.
GPU: GTX 1060, Windows 11, Physx: "High" (also tested with GTX 660 and Windows 10).

I reinstalled the Nvidia drivers, Physx and tried installing Physx Legacy as well as I've read that it is required for some games (but apparently with Mafia 2 it makes no difference).
There are two ways to reproduce the bug:
1. - Start the game, run the benchmark until it completes (Physx works fine), run the benchmark again WITHOUT restarting the game. Only in the first benchmark, Physx works correctly, in subsequent benchmarks some effects such as debris will stop working (I attach screenshots). Restarting the game will bring you back to the initial situation.

2. Start the game and play for a while (one chapter for example). At some point the Physx effects stop working (even here it is easy to notice because, for example, the debris no longer remains on the ground), until the game is restarted. If you exit the chapter and run the benchmark, you will notice that Physx is broken.

I want to clarify that I haven't the original version of the game and I don't require assistance in any way, I just want to report this bug in such a way that it is described on the PCGamingWiki Mafia II page.

However, I found out with a user in another forum that he owns the original Steam version, that he has the same problem, so I think it's relevant to report it.

Physx_High 1st benchmark test.rar Physx_High 2nd (3rd, 4th, etc.) benchmark test.rar

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