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Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Semi-Consistent Soft-Lock on Boba Fett Fight


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Alright, so I've started up a new playthrough for my YouTube channel, this time being the PC port of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.  Back in March of this year, I recorded this video showing off a soft-lock that I'd never encountered before in my nearly 20 years of playing this game.  As shown in the video and listed in the description, I fought Boba Fett as normal for the first phase but when that phase was over and the fight against the Slave 1 was supposed to happen, the craft lifts out of the hangar and just gets stuck in the middle of the arena, it doesn't even attempt to fire back at me.  For almost nine months I went without seeing this soft-lock again until I sat down to record footage for my new playthrough, where it happened not once, not twice, not three times, but AT LEAST FOUR TIMES IN A ROW.  Keep in mind that this bug actively halts the game in its tracks because even if you bring down the Slave 1's health to 0%, the game is just stuck for some reason and not even killing Dash will solve the issue.  The reason I put the phrase "Semi-Consistent" in the title of this post is for the absurd number of times it has happened to me in just the past 24 hours alone, keep in mind that I hadn't encountered this soft-lock until just this year and the last time I saw it was nine months ago.  It is at this point that I'm completely unsure as to what is causing it, but if I'm managing to hit it four times in a row something must be going on there, even though none of the settings have been changed, and this time I am certain of that.  I set this game's framerate to 30 because the physics start to break after that and I also used dgVoodoo2 for graphical enhancements, neither of which I can verify is tied to this issue because I did manage to record myself getting past Gall Spaceport and into the Chase Through Mos Eisley stage, but I can't figure out what's been brick-walling me here.  Again, FOUR TIMES IN A ROW.  I'm trying to stay a week ahead of my video schedule, but this level is simply not cooperating with me at the VERY END OF IT, and this level is one of the longest in the game, I've spent 20+ minutes in this level each time before I get to Boba Fett, and each time is a gamble on whether I can even pass the stage or not, potentially wasting all that time and hard disk space for footage.


I've found absolutely no documented evidence of this bug except my own and I don't even know how to fix it, but I'd really appreciate if someone out there could possibly give me some insight.


Thanks for your time everyone.

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