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[SOLVED] Alice Madness Returns - Crash on Rolling Minigame

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Every time I try to play this one level here, on the third part of the head rolling minigame it crashes on load, every single time.  See screenshot for the level/minigame I'm talking about. I've tried everything config or graphics related to get by this, but nothing seems to work. My game is fully verified, I re-verified it twice.  Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be a known crash like the one crash in Quiz Radula so nobody has anything for how to fix this SPECIFIC one I'm having.

At this point I think the only way for me to bypass this is to skip the minigame level entirely with cheats somehow. Is there a way I can access the console to cheat my way past this one part so I can continue on with the game?

Or at the very least, can someone show me where the log files are saved, and how I might access them? It could give me a clue as to what's going on.


EDIT: in case the screenshot isn't clear, this is right when you get past the broken down train station that says Dollhouse Looking Glass Railway. It's that head rolling minigame right there.

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I think I nailed it down.  I set the INI files in the Documents folder to read-write, reloaded the game one more time, used console commands to noclip to the 3rd section where it crashed before and it played just fine.

I appended the AMR wiki on the site here with how to fix this, and how to send console commands like "ghost" (for noclip) to the game.  I apologize for its sloppiness, it's my first time editing a wiki, and I just wanted to get the info down quickly before I forgot everything I did.

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