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Adding Dualsense to supported controller types table?


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I think it would be nice to already start adding information about support for Dualsense controller. Some games with general dinput support should work with Dualsense, and we can already see games like Rocket League or Days Gone (according to developers blog) supporting Dualsense natively. I would expect Dualsense to be supported in more and more games while slowly replacing DS4 on market. It is better to start adding information about Dualsense support now, than wait few years and then keep updating games with Dualsense native support.

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I agree we should rename it, but at the same time we should update all pages for games with DS4 support, which is a lot. Especially that we would need to change template option names. Is there a bot for doing such things?

The problem is, we have three popular Playstation controllers: DS4 v1, DS4 v2, Dualsense. Game can any of them while not supporting the rest.

I think the best structure would be:

Playstation controllers (true/false) (can be expanded/collapsed to see information below)

  • Dualshock 4 controllers (true/false + notes about supported versions of controller, with connection modes)
  • Dualsense controllers (true/false)
  • Playstation button prompts (true/false + notes about controller-specific information)
  • Light bar support (true/false + notes about how is this supported)

Of course each field should have place for notes, I just listed those notes that I think will be common. Also, I think "connection modes" is currently underused so it makes no sense to have separate field just for that, we can just fit it in notes about specific controller support.

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