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  1. 1. I'm thinking using State as a way to tell how the game uses Motion Sensors. Like "Camera" or "Gesture" state, or maybe both at the same time. 2. in a different thread, I suggested changing the name of the field to "PlayStation Controllers" as there are a few PC games that retroactively support the DualSense Controller prior to PS5's eventual release, probably under "Backwards Compatibility". I can confirm that with some of the games that is known to have DualShock 4 Support but didn't receive an update to add DualSense Support. I'm guessing it's because they're using Sony's own AP
  2. Right now, the Tracked motion controllers makes it seems like it's an Input method highly focused around Virtual Reality while Traditional Gamepads are an afterthought, but with newer non-VR PC Games starting to use Motion sensor functions (either Natively, using Steam Input API's Camera game action or via Emulator). With SDL2 and Yuzu and more recently; Cemu officially supporting Motion Sensors [without the use of Input Mappers], I think it may be a good time to revise it. Right now, there's a small selection of PC Games that is officially known to support Motion Sensor functions in a na
  3. I'm thinking...change the name from "DualShock 4" to "PlayStation Controllers" as we're slowly seeing more games with Native DualSense support alongside DualShock 4.
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