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Call of Duty games not launching/"Completing Installation %" (Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2...)


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I've tried to play Black Ops, but I get nothing. Nothing but "Completing Installation %" and an error message telling me that "Steam is unable to handle your request", meaning I cannot play the game.

I've tried everything to fix this. I unplugged my ethernet cable. I uninstalled Steam and reinstalled it again. I made an exception to my Steam folder in Avast. I even did the usual uninstall/reinstall of the game itself. And do you want to know what I get? "Completing Installation %". Ditto for Modern Warfare 2.

Apparently Steam had an update that bricked these games, and rendered them unplayable. We need to find a solution to fix this. Because I do not want good games in my library that are virtually unplayable.

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I had the same issue with installing the game from retail DVDs two years ago. I ended up using Phoenix 1.5 rc2 to extract SID files from the disks. Then started to download the game on Steam, and put the game files in created folder in Steamapps and verified them.


Tutorial how to use it: 


But if you have a decent Internet connection, it's enough to just redeem the code printed on the back of the instruction and download the game peacefully from Steam if you've just received a new box version of the game.

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