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Cyberpunk 2077: Let's Find A Way To Disable TAA

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4 hours ago, Drahsid said:

I've been playing with TAA disabled for a bit, and while I prefer the game without TAA, I did notice a couple issues with the current method of disabling it.
As mentioned before, there are visual issues which we could speculate are caused by simple oversight from cdpr, but for me this is something I can get over.
The bigger issue at hand is that with the current method of disabling TAA, it seems that it also silently disables DLSS. I didn't realize this until I reenabled TAA for testing purposes, and my framerate nearly doubled. I don't believe that DLSS relies (or is derivative of) TAA, so this just seems to be a negative side effect, and nobody seems to be talking about or have mentioned it.

I'm hoping that there will be a solution that disables TAA, but not DLSS.

As I understand it DLSS is dependent on a game having TAA. I think that's why DLSS doesn't work if TAA is completely disabled.

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