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  1. As I understand it DLSS is dependent on a game having TAA. I think that's why DLSS doesn't work if TAA is completely disabled.
  2. No no never do that I mean a light pass of FXAA to combine with downsampling. FXAA + TAA would be a terrible idea lol With these post-process aa solutions the quality really depends on the implementation rather than the type. Stuff like FXAA got a bad reputation because early implementations weren't that good (nevermind MLAA which was atrocious). I really don't notice any difference in clarity in modern titles, I can zoom in on a detail and it doesn't change with FXAA on or off generally. They're very good at finding the *real* edges without blurring anything else now, the algorithms or w
  3. I'm hoping modders will manage to crack into this game sooner rather than later. Also, it's really frustrating that so many settings are hidden from us in Red Engine now; with The Witcher 3 pretty much anything you wanted to tinker with was exposed in the config files. Now the config files just mirror the in-game settings with no opportunity for further tuning. I think supersampling would work, it's the brute force way of doing things, though, so you might need a really high resolution to get the results you want. Or perhaps combine it with an FXAA pass or something. More TAA settings wou
  4. Ugh that sucks 😞 The only other option that might work is supersampling/downsampling. Like if you ran at 1800p maybe 1440p would look decent, or 1440p scaled down to 1080p. But that's a pretty steep performance cost so it's not going to be viable for most.
  5. Have any of you tried forcing FXAA in the Nvidia/AMD control panel to replace the TAA once you disable it? Wondering how that would work out. I'd try it myself but I can't afford to put any more time on my playtime because I'm requesting a refund on Steam.
  6. Someone figured out how to do it with a hex editor but I'd still like a more optimal solution https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Cyberpunk_2077#Anti-aliasing_.28AA.29
  7. There is by default no way of altering the anti-aliasing settings in the game. It uses TAA which I think is why the visuals feels so blurry and unstable to me. And who knows what the performance hit is. I feel like it's worth putting some effort into trying to disable it. Anyway I've been messing with config files and found that they disabled AA from showing in the PC settings menu. However there are no options to choose from when you do enable it, so further alterations probably have to be done to get it actually working. You enable it in this file, maybe you
  8. Really sad I didn't get into the first round. Can you customize cover art yet? Anyone know the exact dimensions in use? How about background images?
  9. Wish I could find a less scrupulous alpha user to share it lol
  10. Are the people who can't download or maybe can't update Metro not on 1903 Windows? Maybe you need that plus the Xbox app beta? Just throwing that out there. I'm going to keep waiting to try gamepass I guess.
  11. Any updates on this issue? Have the developers addressed it, or have there been any patches? I was going to pick up gamepass for a month or so to blast through this and Wolfenstein II but I guess I should wait until this gets fixed.
  12. It looks terrible. They'll never get every developer to redo every game so a bunch of stuff in your library will have that awful blurred look because the game image doesn't fit right. So far it doesn't look like you can even customize the images. I make grid images for Steam so this ruins years of work. I'm probably moving over to support GoG Galaxy 2.0 instead if it turns out to be good. At least I know the art can be customized there, and it's not that ridiculously narrow vertical strip aspect ratio.
  13. Previously the new Battlezone was VR-only. I've been playing the non-VR version that just released, though. Not sure how to handle this game. The VR and non-VR versions of the game are obviously different in terms of input methods and such. However, they are sold as one game and have only one entry in your Steam library. I'm worried about the non-VR data I'm adding because while that version supports controllers and mouse/kb for example I have no idea if the VR version does. Should I just put everything I know into the one entry, or should there be two separate entries for this gam
  14. @Kiopho: You can bind your keys in-game in Origins, and you can bind actions to two different keys (which I really like). Pic Here. I don't remember having to do anything weird in Arkham City to bind my keys, it's handled through the launcher (BmLauncher.exe). Pick "settings", then the "controls" tab on the top right and you are good to go: Did you just miss that you could do that? I don't understand why you would need to dig into the config file just to change the basics like WASD. One issue with Origins is that it doesn't recognize Mouse 4 and 5, which the other games did; had to
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