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  1. Really sad I didn't get into the first round. Can you customize cover art yet? Anyone know the exact dimensions in use? How about background images?
  2. Wish I could find a less scrupulous alpha user to share it lol
  3. Are the people who can't download or maybe can't update Metro not on 1903 Windows? Maybe you need that plus the Xbox app beta? Just throwing that out there. I'm going to keep waiting to try gamepass I guess.
  4. Any updates on this issue? Have the developers addressed it, or have there been any patches? I was going to pick up gamepass for a month or so to blast through this and Wolfenstein II but I guess I should wait until this gets fixed.
  5. It looks terrible. They'll never get every developer to redo every game so a bunch of stuff in your library will have that awful blurred look because the game image doesn't fit right. So far it doesn't look like you can even customize the images. I make grid images for Steam so this ruins years of work. I'm probably moving over to support GoG Galaxy 2.0 instead if it turns out to be good. At least I know the art can be customized there, and it's not that ridiculously narrow vertical strip aspect ratio.
  6. Previously the new Battlezone was VR-only. I've been playing the non-VR version that just released, though. Not sure how to handle this game. The VR and non-VR versions of the game are obviously different in terms of input methods and such. However, they are sold as one game and have only one entry in your Steam library. I'm worried about the non-VR data I'm adding because while that version supports controllers and mouse/kb for example I have no idea if the VR version does. Should I just put everything I know into the one entry, or should there be two separate entries for this game? *edit* I'm an idiot, I just saw the separate VR related section. I'll just remove the bit that says VR is required
  7. @Kiopho: You can bind your keys in-game in Origins, and you can bind actions to two different keys (which I really like). Pic Here. I don't remember having to do anything weird in Arkham City to bind my keys, it's handled through the launcher (BmLauncher.exe). Pick "settings", then the "controls" tab on the top right and you are good to go: Did you just miss that you could do that? I don't understand why you would need to dig into the config file just to change the basics like WASD. One issue with Origins is that it doesn't recognize Mouse 4 and 5, which the other games did; had to create a profile in my Logitech software to make them emulate the appropriate keypresses. You also need to tweak the config file to alter the sensitivity, though again I just did that via my mouse software.
  8. Okay, I *still* haven't double checked the other FOV tweak ._. Yet I found time to do a big comment on the Port Report regarding the Nvidia side and particularly comparing Nvidia's custom TXAA to FXAA http://community.pcgamingwiki.com/page/articles.html/_/features/port-reports/port-report-batman-arkham-origins-r104
  9. Really good article. I love the AA closeups, which show something I've noticed on recent games- FXAA has gotten really good. If you are on AMD, you can force it using RadeonPro, and on High/Ultra it is superior to in-game FXAA in Borderlands 2, or regular AA in some games like Dishonored (based on my old card, an HD6870), though there is a bit of a performance hit on Ultra. Imo RadeonPro is a must for AMD users... I'm seriously missing it, there is nothing as user-friendly for Nvidia unfortunately. I am running with a GTX760 4GB and Phenom II x6 3.2ghz right now. Nvidia's TXAA is very nice... definitely felt it was superior to the other AA methods. However, the performance drop is significant, as it combines temporal AA with some regular MSAA. So I'm just using FXAA for now. I'll try to take a few comparison shots later to compare. I also found enhanced DX11 depth of field - which has really cool bokeh lense flare effects - gave major performance hits. It looks so good in some places I am tolerating it, though. I have run into no game break bugs whatsoever at this point, no graphical bugs or texture pop-in, and no crashes, but I'm not too far into the game (just past the Deathstroke fight). I am wondering if the game is more stable on Nvidia hardware since they worked with them on it (we saw something similar with Tomb Raider, where the developer's work with AMD left the game poorly tested and optimized for Nvidia cards). Good report. *edit* Here is a .zip of screenshots taken at 1080p comparing FXAA Ultra to TXAA High. I left the FRAPS fps on them, the fps hit varies but TXAA is always less (FXAA is on left or top in all shots). And I included some closeups to make it easier to compare. They are in .bmp format, the differences are so small I didn't want compression screwing them up. Overall impressions: TXAA High is definitely superior, though it's hard to say it's worth the framerate hit. It's most noticeable in the usual places like distant details. It seems more precise than FXAA; FXAA seems to "fill in" to de-jaggie, resulting in lines and surfaces that are sometimes "bulging" slightly. TXAA maintains the proper dimensions of objects while keeping an almost flawless AA across the surface itself. The "T" is for "temporal", so I'm not sure screenshots give a full impression of how it "feels" to play with it on. Things just feel... I don't know, smoother? It almost feels like you are playing at a higher resolution if that makes any sense. So overall I'd say it's a pretty good job on Nvidia's part. FXAA (left) vs TXAA (right)
  10. No "-" prefix in this case. I think that's why you have to put it first. "-nostartupmovies benchmark" doesn't work. LOL I just tried simply putting "-benchmark" I got no startup movies (?!) but it just took me to the regular title screen. I started Story mode - Continue just out of curiosity (maybe that would run the bench) but it just started the game... except the game was running at like 2x's regular speed or something! There wasn't any sound, either. Talk about weird. Same thing happened with "-benchmark -nostartupmovies". Okay I need to wake up and get on checking that other FOV tweak...
  11. Oh, it might be worth mentioning in the benchmark section that you can combine the "benchmark" parameter with the "-nostartupmovies" one. You just have to put them in that order: benchmark -nostartupmovies for them to work. I think it's safe to assume someone benchmarking doesn't want to watch the intro movies lol
  12. Did you mean the Arkham City comparison? I can redo that if you want., just show the superimposed image? I thought you meant to make shots of the settings LDK came up with. That setup worked for me, so what I did was take a series of screenshots based on each setting LDK came up with. They are the 1080p jpgs from Steam, so moderately good quality. There are a bunch, about 6mb zipped: download Here's the set of bindings LDK made: Bindings=(Name="NumPadZero",Command="FOV 0")Bindings=(Name="NumPadOne",Command="FOV 32")Bindings=(Name="NumPadTwo",Command="FOV 75")Bindings=(Name="NumPadThree",Command="FOV 80")Bindings=(Name="NumPadFour",Command="FOV 85")Bindings=(Name="NumPadFive",Command="FOV 90")Bindings=(Name="NumPadSix",Command="FOV 95")Bindings=(Name="NumPadSeven",Command="FOV 100")Bindings=(Name="NumPadEight",Command="FOV 105")Bindings=(Name="NumPadNine",Command="FOV 110") . Here are the names of the .jpg files in the .zip: bm0.jpg bm1.jpg bm2.jpg bm3.jpg bm4.jpg bm5.jpg bm6.jpg bm7.jpg bm8.jpg bm9.jpg fbm0.jpg fbm1.jpg fbm2.jpg fbm3.jpg fbm4.jpg fbm5.jpg fbm6.jpg fbm7.jpg fbm8.jpg fbm9.jpg wbm0_watching.jpg wbm2_watching.jpg xbm2_fighting1.jpg xbm2_fighting2.jpg xbm2_hanging.jpg xbm2_running.jpg The number after "bm" represents the LDK's preset for the keypad button. In other works, "bm7.jpg" is a 100 fov shot. I took front and rear shots of all the FOV settings by key. 2 (75) seemed the most practical, so I took more shots of that. Again, they have "bm2" in them to let you know the FOV. Based on playing a little, I'm thinking something like 70 or 65 might be best. 75 (bound to keypad 2) seems a little far away, especially when running etc. I'll test the other solution next. And here's a pic showing default vs 75 in a wider angle shot of the city:
  13. I'm in the middle of checking. Your instructions for the first one didn't match his post when I tried them; the FOV changed, but I lost all controls otherwise except mouse1&2 (couldn't move, bring up menu, etc). I assume because you originally just said to add the line, vs copy everything to that area first. I'll try it that way and do screenshots if it's working, then try the second solution.
  14. kk, I'll check as soon as I get a chance later. I compared to Batman:AC and I had trouble telling a difference (overlaid screenshots in Photoshop, and Batman takes up the exact same screen space, at least). So I might just be totally crazy to complain about it. But it just felt a little off to me, and I'm sure a lot of us would *prefer* wider even if it isn't any different from AC.
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