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Half-Life: Alyx keyboard and mouse mod released


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A very impressive new mod has been released that allows users to play Half-Life: Alyx from start to finish without an expensive VR headset. Apparently the game is completable using just keyboard and mouse controls. The instructions, from modder r57zone, are available on their github.

If you don't own a VR headset, would you go to these lengths to play the latest installment of the Half-Life series?

Check out the impressive looking video below:


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Just now, Mastan said:

What? I've never seen person who played Quake that way.

Original Quake was built for DOS and didn't have mouselook enabled by default, you had to open the console and enter +mlook1. The game was designed to be completed just with keyboard kind of like Duke Nukem or Doom. 'Thresh' who was a Quake tournament player, made the WASD and mouselook option popular, so much that it became the default control scheme for Quake 2.

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Everyone around me knew about +mlook (sans 1) and autoexec.cfg. It was the first thing to do after installing Quake. I really saw no person who played Quake without mouse.

Ok, better example:

TFW whey you play Quake using only one hand and keyboard.


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