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Half-Life: Alyx confirmed - new flagship VR title from Valve


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The rumoured Valve title Half-Life: Alyx has been confirmed:

Rumours spilled around the internet regarding a supposed leak of the interview which reveals Half-Life: Alyx which I've copied here:


Full transcript :

The following are snippets from a transcript of an interview seemingly between Geoff Keighley and Robin Walker, as well as another unnamed person. (Gabe?)

Hey guys, it's Geoff Keighley, and I am here at Valve in Seattle, Washington.

(from Geoff, assumingly:) "but why does this have to be VR only? Which you know is a fair concern for people, right? It's like, are they forcing me to buy VR to have the next "Half-Life" experience? Is that just 'cause you think the opportunity for innovation was sort of in the VR space with this? You're not doing a flat screen version of this game, right?”

(in response to Geoff:) “Yeah, I mean we would love to be delivering a version of this that you could play with a mouse and a keyboard, but as we said,it began as an exploration of VR,” (snippet ends)

(Geoff speaking, assumingly:) “But then again it brings - obviously to this one, and why this, why now? Some people would probably cynically say, oh Valve has to go back to making games now that Epic's chippin' away at Steam, and "Artifact" wasn't necessarily the hit everyone wanted it to be” (snippet ends)

(Geoff speaking to Robin, assumingly:) “March 2020, "Half-Life: Alyx" comin' out, and again, yeah, we'll do "The Final Hours" next year. You know, it's been so fun to do those with "Half-Life", "Half-Life 2", "Portal", and that will take everyone through really the past decade at Valve and all that you guys have been through, all the experiments that you don't know about,” (snippet ends)

(Unknown speaker, presumably Gabe:) “You can see their whole body-- Respond to the situation. You know, panicking, dropping clips on the ground as they fumble their weapons 'cause a zombie's in front of them, all these things, they're just - it's been really fun watching playtests.Anyway, so yeah, it's been really fun to build this. I think wherever we go next, or whatever platform, whatever we focus on, I think we're excited-- Come on Robin (walker), say it!”

(Geoff speaking, presumably:) ”We wanna know why -- No but as you said, the engine is now at a point where it's like, you can do this stuff now, right?”

(Unknown speaker, presumably Gabe:) "Yeah, the engine is ready now. I think it's like Robin says, we want to put this out and see how the world reacts to it before we make any concrete plans about what we do next." (snippet ends)

(Geoff:) “Right, March, you're callin' it?”

(Unknown speaker:) In March, yep. The trailer. But I think people probably wonder, okay, moving forward does this mean that Valve now is just making VR games? Are we going to get that Half-Life 3, or that new big, epic kind of Valve game down the road? Or is it, oh now we're makin' VR games, that's what we do?I mean, we're very excited about this, but you know, until we ship, you never know. Maybe we're all really wrong, and it's terrible. We have to wait and see what the reception is like.” (snippet ends)

(Geoff:) Speaking of "Half-Life: Alyx", (It will be at) The Game Awards, December 12th. We will have more to share with you on the game there so I hope you get to tune in. I'm excited to show more of it there.

Thanks for watching, and get ready. "Half-Life's" back in 2020.” (end of snippet)

Can't wait to see what a 'flagship' VR title from Valve will be like, one that continues the Half-Life story no less.

Official details will soon be revealed Thursday at 10am Pacific Time.

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I'm simply excited that, at long last, and with all seriousness, Valve can count past 2 when it comes to their video game franchises.

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12 minutes ago, Expack3 said:

I'm simply excited that, at long last, and with all seriousness, Valve can count past 2 when it comes to their video game franchises.

😅 I get the feeling that this is gonna be a fully fledged VR game from the ground up in the Half-Life universe but it’s not going to be a sequel to Half-Life 2.

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While I still probably won't be bothering with VR for a long, long time, it's nice to see from the trailer that it's a proper VR game and not just some half-arsed gimmick title. VR will have to have a lot more games with that sort of attention for me to take it seriously, though.

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I think it'll need a lot more games like this to get mainstream attention, but Half-Life: Alyx definitely has my attention right now and is making me look at other VR releases. For example Boneworks looks like a great release that is happening early December, and may tide me over until Alyx gets released.


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