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  1. Finished Metroid Dread recently. Enjoyably frustrating at times.
  2. Felt like going back to the more grounded GTA IV, as badly optimised as it may be. Still having a blast.
  3. And so it should, considering what a steaming pile it is.
  4. While I still probably won't be bothering with VR for a long, long time, it's nice to see from the trailer that it's a proper VR game and not just some half-arsed gimmick title. VR will have to have a lot more games with that sort of attention for me to take it seriously, though.
  5. Gaming just hasn't been interesting me lately. I resorted to playing Dead Rising after all these years of being frustrated with the timer when I was younger. I played it somewhat casually while listening to music and finally getting all the survivors with the best ending. I succeeded and am now back at square one.
  6. I'd have to go with Ultimate Carnage due to all of the reasons Sojer mentioned. I also agree with that point on the music. If I remember correctly, someone did end up getting the original FO2 music to work in UC.
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