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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas free on Rockstar Games Launcher


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Vadim M has confirmed this is similar to the Steam version except for:

  • Uses Rockstar's own DRM
  • Has even worse Widescreen support (the game looks more distorted in widescreen it seems)
  • Apparently has even less music than the mobile and current Steam version

Forgot to mention the downgrade tool doesn't work on the RGL version of San Andreas sadly. Hopefully the folks at GTA Forums can update the tool to fix this issue and the outdated mods it came with that gave me problems with the game after the downgrade.


Edit: These error findings were corrected by Silent.

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Those sources have been corrected since:

  • Aspect ratio is equally broken in Steam and in RGL versions - Vadim just forgot to move SilentPatch out of his Steam directory (which fixes aspect ratio).
  • It doesn't have any more music cuts than the Steam version - that was just poor wording.

This release is nearly identical to a Steam version, but Rockstar attempted to fix game's inherent mouse issues - the key word is attempted, as their fix is partial at best and if they spent more than 5 minutes playtesting this release, they likely would have noticed.

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