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GOG Galaxy 2.0 to partner with Microsoft, Xbox app


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In this article in German from gamestar.de, CD Projekt head Piotr Karwoski was quoted saying:


We showed our app to Phil Spencer, and he was immediately excited because this platform merging is exactly what Microsoft wants to do. 

PC Gamer has also come forward to state that GOG Galaxy 2.0 is officially partnered with Microsoft:


Microsoft is the only one with official support for Galaxy 2.0 right now, but GOG is in talks with companies behind the most popular launchers for official support, including Battle.net, UPlay, Origin, the Epic Games Store, and more. Fornite and Halo, united at last?


Users can make custom plug-ins to pull off all sorts of nonsense. In the private beta GOG's currently running, users have already created plug-ins that let you see your Discord friends and chat messages in Galaxy and even one that pulls in a user's iTunes movies and music library for viewing and listening through the client. It's possible to make a plug-in that kicks off a fart sound with every button press. Why not? The most impressive plug-in I'm told about allows for streaming from an Xbox console to a Mac running Galaxy. Just click on the Xbox game in your Galaxy library, imported through the connection to your Xbox account, and it'll boot the game up on your console before, somehow, sending it to your Mac. I doubt it's as elegant as it sounds, but it's possible because someone wanted it to be possible and made it happen. That's the real hook here.

The battle for the ultimate PC games platform continues. Check out our (admittedly flawed) platform features overview wiki page for a comparison of Steam, GOG.com, Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store and others.

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