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East Point Exports


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The East Point police chief suspects a local exports company to be a cover for the brain of a weapons smuggling network. The rampant corruption prevented him to officially investigate the case, so he is now sending you on a mission to retrieve any evidence that could help bring the subject to public attention. Sneak into the company's HQ through an underlying service tunnel, and find a way to their secret vault to get the data you need.


This level was designed so as to give the player a choice between different ways to enter the building and get to the final objective. It should have good replay value and be decently challenging if you play it stealthy.


  • [*:cv27eiu3] Crosslink and Wirejack are mandatory.
    [*:cv27eiu3] Gatecrashers should not be used if you want the best experience.
    [*:cv27eiu3] Non-Lethal, Ghost and Ninja can all be earned in a single run. Gentleman may also be possible if you are extra careful.


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