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  1. The East Point police chief suspects a local exports company to be a cover for the brain of a weapons smuggling network. The rampant corruption prevented him to officially investigate the case, so he is now sending you on a mission to retrieve any evidence that could help bring the subject to public attention. Sneak into the company's HQ through an underlying service tunnel, and find a way to their secret vault to get the data you need. This level was designed so as to give the player a choice between different ways to enter the building and get to the final objective. It should have good
  2. Thanks! I just finished working on the first draft of the interface and some other things. The new version can be downloaded from the first post. PointEdit 1.1 - 06/15/2013 [*:16um3zwg] Toolbar with File, Options, Entities and Grid buttons [*:16um3zwg] Entities can be created from a drop-down list [*:16um3zwg] Hide/show entity categories by right clicking on the toolbar icons [*:16um3zwg] Save/load prefabs with MouseRight on selection / P [*:16um3zwg] Copy/paste entities with Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V [*:16um3zwg] Duplicate selection with Ctrl+L [*:16um3zwg] Deselect all with Ctrl+D [*:16um3z
  3. Have you ever wanted to add some sound detectors or fancy looking walls in a level without having to manually edit the .lvl files? Or to be able to place entities anywhere without limitations? Or more? PointEdit is a custom-made level editor for Gunpoint. Its purpose is to complement the in-game level editor by offering new features and possibilities. Note that it is in no way meant to be a replacement for the in-game editor, but a side tool that can be used to do things that the in-game editor cannot. Main features: [*:1649h9q3] Loads and saves the same .lvl files that the in-
  4. You're right. This level can't be cleared without making some noise (...unless you use Gatecrashers).
  5. Not really, the whole level was designed without Gatecrashers in mind and can be completed without it. You just encountered a puzzle that needs solving. :) Here's the solution: The purple wireboard cannot be accessed directly since it's behind a locked purple door, but behind that door is also a blue alarm. If you trigger the alarm, the guard on the lower floor will go up the stairs and open the purple door to disable the alarm. Once this is done, not only do you have access to the purple wireboard, but you also have a guard walking around that can trigger the motion detector and thus ope
  6. The Diving Board ... because the level somewhat looks like one. A mysterious client has sent you on a mission to steal data from this building. You don't really know what's going on, but from what you can tell it's a really important case, so you absolutely must succeed. Unless you get shot in the face. [*:119p13r3] Crosslink and Wirejack are mandatory. [*:119p13r3] The level is Gatecrashers-proof to a certain extent, but I'd recommend playing without it. [*:119p13r3] You might want to keep some of the guards alive. This is my first map so any criticism is welcome. Have
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