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Topic: Need help with Assignments


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Assignments is something that is quite central to the growth of the wiki. We aim to cover new games so that we are always relevant. However because of my dayjob workload, I am having trouble keeping up with everything.


Please help out by:

1) Updating the Notable releases template on the main page. Getting this always up to date will help the community to focus on newly released games. I am thinking we should keep up to date with ALL Steam releases now, this means cross-referencing with Steam's 'New releases' and 'Coming soon' tabs.


2) Please make more requests in this forum for new games. We have a warchest from the Kickstarter and I'm happy for us to use it to help keep the site up to date.


Comments and suggestions welcome.

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Port Reports at the moment I am letting slide, because I am intending to replace it with a more collaborative, 'news' type service once the new IP Board comes into place. Port Reports are not appropriate for every game, however if you are keen to do one for any game please get in contact with me and we can discuss and make a judgement.

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