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WINEHQ Information on Pages


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Andytizer and I were discussing potentially adding WINEHQ's AppDB information to our pages. It would be similar to the current WSGF template in that it would show the rank and have a link to the AppDB page.


For those that don't know WINE stands for "WINE Is Not an Emulator" and is a Windows "emulator" for OS X and Linux.


We wanted to know if others were interested in this, and whether or not they thought it was useful. We'd also like suggestions as to where we should put it, I was thinking Improvements > WINE. For an example of a WINEHQ AppDB page see the Team Fortress 2 page.

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I'm no expert on Linux/WINE so I will have to defer to others for guidance.


Let's say that the WineHQ ratings are no good as Soeb says, is there any value in placing a link to the relevant WineHQ entry somewhere in the infobox (or the new SMW Infobox that Soeb has been working on). It just seems a shame not to link to (what appears in my non-Linux using eyes) a resource for fixing PC games.

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As a Linux/Wine user I can say this

  1. [*:sqtatbar]Wine AppDB reports often contain reports/comments with game fixes/etc which apply to windows as well. It's worth looking there if you are writing an article here.
    [*:sqtatbar]While having wine ratings here would be useful, it would be nightmare to keep them updated or automatically fetching the rating from Wine website. A link to AppDB page would suffice.

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