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The Stackhouse by DrGrunge (Challenge Level)


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Synopsis: You are Dan the Pancake Man, former CIA agent and the proprietor of a newly-opened roadside Pancake Stand. After being open only a few weeks, your Pancakes have become renowned as being the moistest, most delicious Pancakes in all the land. Unfortunately for you, Jack Flap, owner of Jack Flap's Flapjack Stackhouse (the world's largest chain of international flapjack restaurants), has decided your competition is eating into his profits, so he's stolen your recipes and locked you away in his secret underground flapjack vault. After weeks of being fed nothing but day-old flapjack batter and watered-down artificial maple syrup, you've finally decided that it's time to escape, but not before taking back your secret pancake recipe.


GOALS: 1 Primary Terminal, 2 Laptops




- Items required: Crosslink and Wirejack

- Optional items: Dropshot, Longshot, Deathfluke, Hushcracker, Prankspasm

- Banned items: Resolver and Gatecrashers

- All upgrade levels allowed

- No bitches. This level is for REAL MEN ONLY! Seriously, if you don't have a functioning set of testicles you might as well not even bother attempting it.



Check out my Reddit thread and follow the DrG Challenge Pack!

The Stackhouse.lvl

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