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Ridiculous Custom Level: Dumbwaiter


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Dumbwaiter is the first custom level I've created, and it took me the better part of 8 hours. It's pretty big and I have no idea if anyone besides me will be able to figure out how to beat it.


  • [*:16v2qrpe]Crosslink, Wirejack, and the Resolver are mandatory.
    [*:16v2qrpe]Deathfluke, Dropshot, and Hushcracker are strongly recommended, but not required.
    [*:16v2qrpe]Longshot, Prankspasm, and especially Gatecrashers should not be used. I'm not sure how the level interacts with the former two, and the latter is just dumb.
    [*:16v2qrpe]You can have max charge rate, jump distance, and battery capacity. It's helpful, but not necessary.


  • [*:16v2qrpe]If you play it right, you'll never have to fire your gun. In fact, if you do fire your gun, you're pretty much fucked.
    [*:16v2qrpe]Don't kill every guard you see. You need some of them alive.
    [*:16v2qrpe]Take advantage of the Resolver's ability to hold people at gunpoint to walk them through motion detectors.
    [*:16v2qrpe]You can coerce guards to chase you down floors by holding them at gunpoint and then running down the stairs.
    [*:16v2qrpe]If you're not careful, you CAN get permanently stuck. Think things through and take it slow.

Please let me know what you think!

DOWNLOAD LINK (also attached to this post)



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