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  1. This map has been updated several times. Follow it here.
  2. Dumbwaiter is the first custom level I've created, and it took me the better part of 8 hours. It's pretty big and I have no idea if anyone besides me will be able to figure out how to beat it. Rules: [*:16v2qrpe]Crosslink, Wirejack, and the Resolver are mandatory. [*:16v2qrpe]Deathfluke, Dropshot, and Hushcracker are strongly recommended, but not required. [*:16v2qrpe]Longshot, Prankspasm, and especially Gatecrashers should not be used. I'm not sure how the level interacts with the former two, and the latter is just dumb. [*:16v2qrpe]You can have max charge rate, jump distance, and batte
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