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Kelter Labs

Aeris Fox

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Just was pointed in this direction after posting my level through the Steam forums :D


---------------Gunpoint Custom Level--------------------

Name: Kelter Labs Vr1.1

Objective: Obtain evidence of Kelter Labs operating a secret server farm. Data is speculated to be of illegal human experimentation. Previous raid ended in failure, turning up nothing but pictures of kittens on the servers we found. Its up to you to clear our departments name. Meet with our contact after completing the objective.

Bonus Objective: Secure the network administrator's work laptop.


-Multiple routes to to accomplish

-Multiple Circuits will have you exploring the entire Lab

-Mix of stealth, timing, and trial and error

-Time spent with decor and circuit layout



Any criticism? Let it loose!

*Lessons Learned*

-Its a bit harder to make vaulted ceilings and expect the light zones to affect floor to ceiling.



Kelter Labs.lvl

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Just tried playing your level, looks great!


But a few points - check your connections in-game, seems like some alarms are on the wrong circuit. Also, hand scanners do not connect to vault doors. Someone left a nice write-up of how some of this works on the wiki.


There's a few kinks you need to work out, I don't think I can finish it yet - but it's looking good, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the heads up Soeb :D Went ahead and fixed the suspect alarms and made a few twerks, got rid of the needed hand scanners. Give it a go next time if ya could. Very much appreciated ;)

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Interesting level, but several strange crosscircuit switches I don't think are necessary. One important fact is there is no direct way out of the thin, third floor with the servers or whatever, where an enforcer patrols and another guards the door in the back. No switches on any of the colors you have available, and the only way out is to shoot the enforcer from behind and using gatecrashers.

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