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MediaWiki and PHPBB RSS feed embedding


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So this is an area I'd like to deposit some of the information and research I've discovered whilst using customising the use of MediaWiki and PHPBB.


Embed PHPBB RSS into MediaWiki

RSS feed embedding extensions for MediaWIki are not well maintained. A much more reliable method is to use htmlets extension (which securely allows htmlets) and to use a piece of javascript to embed the RSS feed. Then you can use CSS to style the the output to fit into MediaWiki extension.


To embed the latest PHPBB feed into MediaWiki, I used the service RSSinclude to created a PHPBB feed of the latest topics.


To customise the line-height, I added the code to Common.css:

#rssincl-box-602233 p{


Embed MediaWiki Recent Changes RSS into PHPBB

I used the feed RSS2JS to generated a feed based on MediaWiki's Recent Changes.


I inserted the generated code into the overall_footer.html template file for Prosilver theme, so that it appears on every page.


It's not really good practice to style in-line, but I found it a lot easier:


The column-count css hacks make the content appear in 3 columns on Firefox and Chrome and webkit browsers. Sadly IE does not yet support flowing columns.

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