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Best game of 2012


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As the year come to an end, we look back at the best of the year.


My favourite games of 2012 is a tie between FTL and XCOM.


FTL - random, difficult and infuriating, but fresh and engaging, and one of the only 'starship' experiences that I've seen really work in a game. Although I know that the game is heavily influenced by the random number generator god, and the number of ships and encounters are surprisingly limited, I still find it a really novel experience roleplaying as imaginery captain, blasting aliens, freeing hostages and trying different combat/upgrade strategies out and testing the limits of the different unlocked ships.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown - fantastically written, and simple yet with tons of depth and immersion. I loved the little touches that really made the turn-based tactics game come to life - the fully voiced and animated cutscenes, the over-the-shoulder chase cam. Now that I've completed a playthrough, I can see some of the glaring issues (like the lack of a cone of vision for line of sight, the inability to 'sneak up' on aliens) but it was still a hugely engaging experience. I'm hoping to complete an Ironman playthrough soon if I can get the time!


What are your favourites of the year?

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Borderlands 2, for the simple fact that it's noticeably improved over the first one, contains more great stuff, and has awesome DLC coming out in waves. It's all so good, I've already spent twice as long playing 2 as I spent playing one, and there are still two DLC's coming out.

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Borderlands 2: Loved the bigger game world with extra weapons and skills :) Also as Newmansan said they have DLCs still being released :O


Agreed BL2 was great. Playing it with friends is among the best and most fun experiences you can have in gaming  :)


Also... ClapTrap... nuff said. 

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