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  1. GamerUrso

    BioShock Infinite thoughts

    The game was enjoyable although not as good as the First Bioshock. The gameplay was quite fun but i found the gear system a bit broken and no thought well. the story was quite good no problem there. They should planed the game mechanics a little bit better.
  2. GamerUrso

    Best game of 2012

    I would say Metro Last Light. I love that series.
  3. GamerUrso

    Steam Family Sharing hands-on impressions

    Interesting.... i would love to test it my self.
  4. Finally! i wondering if they are going to remove GFWL to other games like lets say... GTAIV... ^^
  5. GamerUrso

    What are you playing?

    Hello everyone^^ at the moment i am playing Guild Wars 2. I am still waiting for a proper single game to come out :/