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Steam sales and PCGamingWiki articles

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As soon as a PC game goes on sale on Steam, people start searching for fixes. I'd like for us to get the word out there that PCGamingWiki can help them with getting all the fixes they need. I am looking for help with making sure that when every Steam sale hits at 6pm, all of our relevant articles are:

1) Up to date and cleaned up to a decent standard

- Getting the article to meet the sample article standard

- Attempting to update and make sure that issues that have been patched are removed

- Adding 'essential' mods and patches that have been developed since release


2) Linked to in the appropriate forums in a non-spammy way

This can often be making posts with titles such as:

- For everyone who bought GAMENAME on sale- fixes for FOV, remapping, etc.

- Everything you need to know about GAMENAME to get it restored and working on modern OSes (for more general gaming forums)

- Only the biggest most substantial releases need to be highlighted in this way, and perhaps only making posts once or twice a week at the most.


I am specifically referring to 3 types of Steam sale, the:

'Weekend sale' (Thursday 6pm GMT)

'Midweek madness' (Tuesday 6pm GMT)

'Daily deal' (Daily 6pm GMT)


Now I would like for us to push and try and be online at 6pm GMT to make sure these games are up to date. Having up to date articles, and making sure people know about them would help a great deal in making PCGamingWiki ubiquitous with games that are on sale.

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Unfortunately 6PM GMT is 11AM in my time zone so I won't be able to help immediately except for maybe on the weekend sales. Yesterday I worked on the Tomb Raider series a bit since most of the series didn't have pages or had poor pages and it was on sale, so I hope that helped.

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Can we begin creating a page for games that are currently on sale? For example, Just Cause 2 is a daily sale and here is a list of this week's Steam Weekly sales. We could create a page listing all the games that are on sale and have it in the Help Out section, perhaps? As long as it's not featured on the Home Page we can have it available for anyone to edit.

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I think it'll be easier for everyone just to be more aware of the Steam sales in general. I don't think editing a page listing game sales will be that effective as it'll be quite labour intensive. Maybe we can link directly to this thread.


You are also free to reply here to update your progress on the thread with what you have updated.

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You are also free to reply here to update your progress on the thread with what you have updated.


Update-ception. BWAM. (Sorry, couldn't resist).


I agree with Andy, manually updating a list would be far too labor intensive.

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