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Old games can't work without their DVD/CD?


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Hi guys,

This weekend I decided to play some old school game I have lying around and I forgot how annoying it is to swap CD/DVDs.

After changing back and forth, I tried to make ISOs of those discs but either they are protected (eg: Crimson Skies) or some sort of DRM is forbidding me to use the created ISOs (eg: PES6).

Does anyone have a proper way around this?

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Glorious gamecopyworld tells me the first is protected by SafeDisc, while the second has SecuROM v7.

In both cases Alcohol 120% and DAEMON Tools Lite are your best backup bets (and the only ones, if you want freeware).

And as I said .. (damn, can't find post), it wouldn't be bad if we mentioned this somewhere (a pity there's no free as in speech software for this though).


Speaking of the first though, it seems to be using such an old version, that it should be easily possible to unpack.

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Thanks a lot for your answer Mirh.

You mentioned both Alcohol 120% and DAEMON Tools Lite, are they complementary (one to create the iso, the other to mount it?) or should I try both to have more chance of success? Is Alcohol 120% any better than Alcohol 52% for this purpose?

Also how can I know if one game will be problematic or not? I want to get NBA 2k11 and it's much cheaper on DVD than digital but I'm really done with flipping discs over to play my games.

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They are just two alternatives. While alcohol 52% is "read backups" only.


If you want to know for problems, you just have to check which DRM is used.

Gcw report NBA 2k11 has SecuROM v7 again (7.42.0004 though, compared to pes 7.27.0007)

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