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The Nations problems


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Hola a todos


Hello everyone.
I do not speak English very well but I'll try THE BEST POSSIBLE.
I have an edition the nations (nations alien 2) spanish version edited by multimedia zeta.
The game installs and runs fine, music and videos well, the menus well.
But once inside the game it looks black. black units and fully map.
I do not know what to do to make it work. I will provide images for comfort
idk if this happens with the other language versions, so if and proved that the bonus maps does not work on the Spanish edition
I also try xp with mvware and spend equal
I hope you can help me and save this great game for everyone to enjoy in our languages
Greetings from Spain
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I solved the problem


dv2.ca file the Spanish version for some reason it does not work on windows 7



if you have a version in English and the dv2.ca replace it by the Spanish, the game is in Spanish and it works, I sent a Picture


That if you have been unable to get the gold content (bonus map) it can only be played in the German or English version
Thank you very much to all
with this method the spanish we can play this game in our language in today's computers
other compatibility issues are less fixed and XD
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I honestly have no idea what I'd have to do, you could've uploaded what was needed here instead by yourself if you figured it out.

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