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Retail exclusive voice-over for a game upload with diff tool?

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I have some games with Czech voice-overs that are Retail only. Is it OK to upload them here as long I use Clickteam Patch Maker (probably neatest diff tool with ability to detect registry for game paths) which was also used for GTA SA downgrader?

If it is I'd like to know how does uploading work.

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There are two things that could not be lawful in this:

  • one is simply releasing any kind of "copyrighted" file, how may we say.. "in the wild" (since not everyone owns the game license that authorizes you to tinker with that)
  • the other is allowing to use materials that weren't covered by your license, and was protected by another (for example DLCs or additional localizations)

GTA downgrader is legally ok under these aspects, since diff files allows you to bypass the sharing copyrighted stuff issue and since you own the rights of "previous patches" (I mean, I damn have rights for older musics)

In the case of dubbing/subtitles, on the other hand, it's not all this straightforward since they were usually handled by external distributors/publishers which may or may not own rights for the translation.


If we really want to be pedantic.. try to send an e-mail to every "chain ring", really, it worked in batman's case!

For example, were we talking of Fahrenheit russian translation.. You should try to contact Quantic Dream, Atari (or whoever the hell bought them) and Akella.

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