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List of Games Without Native 60 FPS Support

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I'm starting this new project as a jumping off point based on the demand seen by TotalBiscuit's 'The Framerate Police' Steam Curator project, their stated aim is as follows:


"We catalogue games that are locked at 30fps so you can see them at a glance and mention if it is possible to unlock the framerate by other means."


Over the last few days a few issues with this approach have surfaced, for example:

  • It is possible for a developer to block specific Steam Curators from appearing on their store page.
  • The language is confusing: Steam Curators always appear as 'recommending', even though 30 FPS is normally a negative limitation for a game.
I created the List of Games Without Native 60 FPS Support project to provide a more objective and neutral source of information. Our goal is to:
  • Provide a platform to list every PC game that can run at 60 FPS natively or by being modded.
  • Crowdsource this information until the resource is complete.
I've split this thread from the original '30 FPS' thread, as recent responses have veered into more detail about the future development of the Video Settings template.


Please feel free to discuss this List of 60 FPS Games project below. I'm also looking for suggestions to attract people to help take on this project and get the word out.

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