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Holiday Speedrunning Marathons

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I mentioned it a couple of times. Aside from fixing games, I'm heavily involved a general speedrunning scene. I have met some people by speedrunning, cooperated on few speedrunning project.. so it feels only appropriate for me to yet again mention Speedrunning Marathons during these holidays.


ESA 2015



So starting from Sunday June 28th (GMT+1) and ending July 5th there is European Speedster Assembly. You can find a schedule for it in here: http://www.europeanspeedsterassembly.com/schedule

It is an speedrunning event, to which I'd have probably gone to, if it wasn't for the fact of me having exams this week. The marathon is divided into 2 streams (yellow is for less serious runs).

Just like with AGDQ and SGDQ, ESA also gathers donations towards a good cause - this time for Medecins Sans Frontieres.

However, keep in mind, that ESA was not founded to compete with either AGDQ or SGDQ. It's foundation was to have a marathons for runners first and foremost (which you can see by the choices in a schedule) and if a money for a good cause can be gathered so be it.It's streamed at:

http://www.twitch.tv/europeanspeedsterassembly (Purple Stream)

http://www.twitch.tv/esamarathon2 (Yellow Stream)




Later in July (July 26th - August 2nd) there is SGDQ. And seeing how popular it is, you can most likely expect a humble bundle happening around that time (just a rumor!). The schedule for it you can find at: https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule.

I'll be uploading it when we get closer to it.

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Games Done Quick kinda bored me, I've watched http://www.twitch.tv/adam_ak once in a while, I think he took part once on GDQ while doing a Vice City speedrun, I remember the public being pretty bland. I'll try to watch GDQ again if it pops up on Humble Bundle. There was also some Mirror's Edge streamer who went through the game in third person. It was odd.


Are not you participating? I'd probably rather watch someone from the wiki run through a game.

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