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Impementing information from TweakGuides into articles


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Hello everyone. I stumbled upon TweakGuides.com today. It was linked in the Battlefront II page and I thought it would be a good idea to go through it and implement information in it into pages. It has a large list of games on the left sidebar that we can get information from. If anyone would like to help it'd be appreciated.

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Thanks this sounds great - TweakGuides are an excellent source of information for many PC game fixes.


I am planning at some point to completely redo our 'manual' pages. This includes.. our:


How to research fixes (TweakGuides should be included as a source)

Mission statement

Guide to editing (covering templates)

Style guide (writing style)

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After looking through the site a little bit more I've found that the owner is rather strict with his ownership of content. Under Copyright law we may not take things from his site. He has said that he occasionally allows people to use it and, to paraphrase, he says he wants it to be free and open to everyone. While the site is free and open to all it is ad-supported, so I'm doubtful he'll allow us to use his content.Here's the question on his FAQ regarding his strict copyright.


I'd recommend you contact him, Andy since I'm not all that good with professional emails.

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I think it's pretty clear that we can use his information (but obviously not copy things word for word):


You can reproduce a paragraph or two of any material with appropriate credit and links.

You can use the ideas in my guides - I don't "own" a particular tweak or tip. However you must use your own words and research, not simply rearranging or rewriting my text.

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