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Outcast 1.1 - Version or now game ?

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So, I was editing the Outcast page to add info on the version on Steam when I noticed that there was a series infobox with an Outcast 1.1 link that lead to a page that didn't exist.


Technically, Outcast 1.1 is not a new game nor a remake, but a new update for the game... So does it fit on its own page or on the original page ?


Edit: Just checked GOG, they don't sell the original version of the game but only 1.1.

I'll update the whole page. Can someone maybe make a redirection from Outcast 1.1 to that page and remove the series template ?

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Outcast 1.1, while technically the same game, has major internal changes that require a separate page to document properly.


Please put information relevant to the remake in that page (which I will create later on).


BTW, the original version is included with the GOG release as "Outcast Classic".

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