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Highs and lows of PC gaming in 2014


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We're coming up to end of 2014 and I thought it would be fun to think about how good a year it's been for PC gaming for each person.


Favourite games of 2014

Shadow of Mordor - open world done properly, nemesis system was great, completely unexpectedly good as there was zero hype for it and everyone expected it to be another soulless movie tie-in.

Nidhogg - loved this simplistic 2 player 'fencing' game, played it a lot at parties with friends, even non-gamers got into it very quickly.

The Banner Saga - really fun single player campaign which I played through twice, also something I returned to when travelling with my work MacBook Pro.

Hearthstone expansions - got quite into this, despite never having played an online card game before, lots of personality and depth.


Disappointments of 2014

Titanfall - a lot of hype for this game - initially gameplay felt really good, movement was interesting but never really 'clicked' for me as a multiplayer shooter.

Civilization: Beyond Earth - way too similar to Civilization V to be interesting, lacked a lot of personality, such a waste of potential.

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Year is a long time. Because it's filled with so many indie and console games (RPGs, Ni No Kuni took little over 100h) it's hard to remember ._. 


Metal Gear Rising was really awesome experience, my earlier platinum experience was with Bayonetta on PS3 and... well... so that was experience that made my cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing. 

South Park was like paper mario that we haven't gotten for long time (sticker star should be buried like E.T. games) and also gave good chunk of serie fan service. 

Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming thankfully was proper port so it was easier to enjoy, not sure was those VR mode and benchmark put there as a joke. Also thanks for Marvelous for copy! 

Shovel Knight rocks! Only thing that would've made it better is if they would've included stereo-3D in there. Almost bought 3DS version because of that but I did contain myself (bought theme). Also Kaufmans music is awesome! 

So many good (and bad) indie titles. I'm sure most of them were released 2013, but played them this year and includes Espace Goat 2, Guacamelee, Electronic Super Joy, Battleblock Theater (thanks for free copy behemoth!), Master Reboot, Steamworld Dig (even translated that), Brothers, Shantae (still going), etc. I'd had to scroll huge list to list all. 

Played Remember Me which I finished with PS3 earlier this year, which reminded me that if there's PC version of some game ALWAYS play the PC version. That game felt so much better on PC but dropped it because I already had played it trough and it wasn't that good mechanically. 


Murdered: Soul Suspect I still have to play some, but couple hour chunk I played didn't turn out to be as interesting that I though. I was thinking it being more like Ghost Trick mixed with some mechanics from Miles Edgeworth Investigations and it kinda is, but so mediocore. That just made me boot up Investigations 2 translation patch and put that game on hold. 

Metal Slug 3, just fuck that. Instead of giving collection of all games or giving actual port with all the extras like they have already done in past many times, they started to port mobile emulation of the games to PC instead? Actually got banned and fight with moderator when I said that even emulating that stuff is better than that full release and they still haven't gotten that linux release they had in humble to steam nor DRM-Free build for windows. 

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