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Battlefield 4 and Flawless Widescreen


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I can't get Flawless Widescreen to change the FOV. Either it makes no difference or crashes the game on launch. Any ideas?

I'm running the game with Origin in offline mode because I have no choice (BF4 freezes on load after the intros if Origin is online).




Forget it. I sent the game back to Amazon for a refund. I only played two minutes of it but spent two hours trying to fix the FOV.


I have now boycotted all future EA games for the PC (and Ubisoft)...until they stop taking the piss.

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BF4 has in-game options for FOV (I believe it even goes up to 100 degrees or so) as well as native Windowed Fullscreen. The in-game settings are quite robust, so I don't see a point to resorting to using something like Flawless Widescreen, to be honest. In fact, Flawless Widescreen doesn't even support Battlefield 4.

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Battlefield 4's built-in FOV only affects multiplayer (according to the wiki page). Flawless Widescreen does support Battlefield 4 (it's not listed on the download page but is available through the program itself).

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I am with you about boycotting EA.


Anyway, for wiki's sake I'll still answer to your problems.

First, you don't need Origin running to play the game. You can use a little alternative client called Outcome. It's way lighter and bug-free.


And then Flawless Widescreen has indeed a fix for the game, in particular for the single player campaign where FOV slider doesn't work.

It's just compatible with 64bit version though.

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