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Spinning Camera Issues?


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Ok I'll actually put the TL;DR first cuz this is a bit long:


TL;DR: Trying to use a controller profile to play GTA San Andreas with a 360 controller, and it's causing my Camera to spin continuously while playing. Help.


Hey guys, I'm trying to run a Pinnacle Game Profile (it's like an advanced XPadder for anyone that doesn't know) for San Andreas without SA's Advanced Controls mod (SAAC doesn't seem to work for me), and I'm having some issues with the right stick.


More specifically, it's the camera angle. As soon as I start the save, not only does the mouse fly to the side of the screen, but the camera (by effect) starts spinning continuously too. I'm not even touching the controller at this point, and changing the mouse sensitivity only changes the speed of the spinning.


I'm running the latest version of Pinnacle Gaming Profile obviously, on Windows 8. I'm not entirely sure what version of SA I have since it's just something I got off my friend's USB and I have no mods installed.


I've tried searching for solutions to this and I've found that it's caused by the laptop not knowing what input to use (mouse or joystick), and that one way to deal with it is to unplug the joystick. Now since I'm trying to use the joystick, that's obviously not really a solution. I could also try changing the input in the game options to "Joypad", but this is the only manual control San Andreas profile I've found (that doesn't use SAAC) and by default the right stick is mapped to the mouse.


So, from what I understand, here's are some of the things I could do:


1) Get another controller profile that doesn't map the right stick to the mouse - Easier said than done, nothing I've found does that without removing the use of the right stick all together (makes shooting auto-aim), the only reason I even got Pinnacle was because XPadder doesn't work for SA with 360 controls.

2) Somehow get the San Andreas Advanced Controls (SAAC) mod to work - Having no luck with that.

3) Somehow get the Xbox controller to go from "Player 1" mode (top left quadrant lights up) to "Player 2" mode (top right) (http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/forum/showthread.php?5756-Easy-fix-for-mass-effect-camera-spin-issue) - This is the most promising thing I've found, but the only way I know to get it is through pinnacle by unplugging and replugging the controller while the software is asking me if i want to enable mouse smoothing, which is a notification I don't get.

4) Suck it up and play with a keyboard and mouse - :(


So, I know that was a bit of a read, but can anyone help me out here? Are there any other Xbox profiles for San Andreas? Do you know of a way to get the controller to switch to player 2? Do you know of any other solutions?


Thanks a bunch

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I'm not entirely sure what version of SA I have since it's just something I got off my friend's USB

So, to clarify, this is a pirated version? I'd suggest you buy the game (see Availability for some of the many places you can buy it) and see if the problem persists when using a legal version.

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