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Found 2 results

  1. Hi fellas. New to the forums, but I use the PCGW to get the most out of my games. Today I installed Monkey Island 2 SE, and I noticed that the scrolling in the game is a bit choppy. I think it has been like that since forever, but now I googled it and found out other ppl noticed it too. https://steamcommunity.com/app/32460/discussions/0/864979455454150181/ As the Steam thread says, capping FPS to 30 makes the scrolling smooth, but instead mouse movement is choppier. I tried some basic stuff, but nothing makes the game run at 60+ FPS permanently it seems. Moving the mouse quick makes the FPS go up, but it's only as long as the mouse move.
  2. Version (With Overture)


    Patch for the EGA version of Loom, enabling support for Roland MT-32 synthesizers and variants. Note that the VGA version provided on Steam and GOG uses CD audio instead and does not need this patch. loomup.exe is the original self extracting executable, originally found on LucasArts's FTP server. It is a DOS program and will not run natively on modern systems, so I ran it in DOSBox and recompressed the results into loomup_unzipped.zip. This should be helpful for users on 64-bit Windows, Linux, or OS X who are using ScummVM. Just copy the contents of the archive to where Loom is installed and configure ScummVM to use your preferred MT-32 emulator or physical synthesizer (just not a General MIDI device). Only major note is that save files are not intercompatible, see the "IMPORTANT NOTE" at the bottom of the readme. Official readme: Lucasfilm Games(TM) Presents THE LOOM(TM) ROLAND UPGRADE DISK TM & Copyright (C)1990 LucasArts Entertainment Co. All rights reserved. Music of Tchaikovsky Transcribed and arranged for the Roland MT-32/LAPC-1 by George Alistair Sanger Roland sound driver by Dave Warhol SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS The LOOM ROLAND UPGRADE requires an IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2, Tandy or 100% compatible with CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA or Tandy 16-color graphics; 640K RAM; and a hard disk drive. You'll also need either a Roland MT-32 Sound Module or a Roland LAPC-1 Sound Card with appropriate connections, amplifiers and loudspeakers. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Make sure your Roland equipment is properly connected to your computer and sound system. Refer to Roland's documentation for details. 2. Enter the directory in which you have installed your LOOM game files. For example, if your LOOM files are in a directory called loom, type cd \loom at the DOS prompt and press ENTER. 3. Insert the upgrade disk into floppy disk drive A, type copy a:*.* at the DOS prompt and press ENTER. This will copy all of the files from the upgrade disk into your game directory. TO PLAY THE GAME 1. Enter the directory in which you have installed your LOOM game files. For example, if your LOOM files are in a directory named loom, type cd \loom at the DOS prompt and press ENTER. 2. Check once more to be sure that your Roland MT-32 or LAPC-1 is properly connected to your computer and sound system! 3. To begin the game, type loom r at the DOS prompt and press ENTER. THE OVERTURE The Roland version of LOOM includes a two-minute musical overture not available in any other version. You can override the overture and proceed directly to the game at any time by pressing the ESC key. IMPORTANT NOTE "Save game" files made while playing LOOM with Roland sound are NOT compatible with save files made without Roland sound. Don't try to load into your system save files made on a non-Roland system. Also, do not load the save files YOU make into a system without the same equipment. ### Source: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=38767#p349896
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