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  1. Awesome! Tested with the GOG version and the free hex editor "HxD" on a Windows 10 PC - confirmed working when testing before and after with Fraps. :-)
  2. Nothing new. I tried on my Macbook with Porting Kit, and it behaves the same there too.
  3. Hi fellas. New to the forums, but I use the PCGW to get the most out of my games. Today I installed Monkey Island 2 SE, and I noticed that the scrolling in the game is a bit choppy. I think it has been like that since forever, but now I googled it and found out other ppl noticed it too. https://steamcommunity.com/app/32460/discussions/0/864979455454150181/ As the Steam thread says, capping FPS to 30 makes the scrolling smooth, but instead mouse movement is choppier. I tried some basic stuff, but nothing makes the game run at 60+ FPS permanently it seems. Moving the mo
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