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Found 2 results

  1. 26 downloads

    This is the extracted official Polish translation for 'Hitman: Contracts'. Tested only with the Steam version of the game, but it will have to work on any version of the game. In Polish: Jest to oficjalne polskie tłumaczenie dla 'Hitman: Contracts'. Testowane na wersji Steam, ale powinno także działać na innych wydaniach. Password/Hasło: PCGW
  2. 3,883 downloads

    Crash Fixes: Fixed crash on ATI Radeon 8500, 9000 and 9200 on startup. Fixed crash when Restarting Asylum Aftermath level numerous times. Fixed crash when user got shot after reviving HM from slow-mo death sequence. Fixed crash while watching the free agent cut scene on the Lee Hong Assassination level. Fixed crash when user saved whilst highlighting an action (such as Pick lock, jump balcony, Change Clothes, Place sign etc). Fixed Crash with Post-Filter on High: After death sequence inside the manor on Beldingford Manor level, or inside meat plant on Meat King level. Graphical Fixes: During and after "free agent" cut scene on Lee Hong Assassination level screen would turn black. With Post-Filter set to High, would cause screen to go almost jet-black on "Hunter and the Hunted" level when user by rooftop location. Post Filter set to High made sniper scope blurry. Other Fixes: Unable to fire sniper rifle if 'fire' is set to Right Mouse button 47 could get stuck in the first door on Asylum aftermath level. Loading a save game transported 47 to a different location on Lee Hong level. Credits do not appear at end of game.
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